First Rays Of Sunshine

Into the forest, I go, to lose my mind and find my soul.

I know how it is like: January, days look grim, it is cold, dark and rain is pouring down the sky.

On the days like this, we miss the sunshine, the warmth and the fresh breeze of air: those prompts which easily motivate us to go outside and enjoy life.

Like many others on New Year’s Eve, I longed to start something new. I wanted to capture the essence of new beginnings, one that comes with the new year and the beginning of spring, the feeling of fresh, warm air blowing for the first time after months of bitter cold.

This piece is called “The First Rays of Sunshine.” and it has been created to bring you closer to spring, fast-forward those juvenile days we are longing for on cold January days. 

Imagine this:

It’s the early morning. The air is cool and smells of fresh pine, while the sun shines, warming your skin. Riding slowly through the woods, you hear the “tweet, tweet, tweeeet” of the birds above you. You take a deep breath of crisp air, looking at the clear, blue sky.

Ah. Spring has come…

Here, I’ve used my signature medium – a mixture of gloss paints for the subjects and oil paints for the background.

Oil paints can often be difficult to use, as they tend to dry very slowly, but the patience is promptly rewarded with a lovely texture I frequently incorporate into my artworks, such as this one.



I usually reproduce my imagery on a card. I feel that doing so I am giving you the best opportunity to enjoy my art and wider spread my desire to inspire and motivate you to go outside and enjoy life.

Now, you can download a FREE PDF of this card.
The file is all set up to print on a card or to use as a screensaver on your device.

That’s not all – when you download the PDF you are being automatically entered into a prize draw. The main prize:
A4 mounted print of this picture
and further 4 x A5 cards. 



The draw closes on 31st February 2018, the winners will be announced on 2nd February.



3 thoughts on “First Rays Of Sunshine

  1. Kevin Wenning says:

    What is the value of a giclee print? I know the giclee paper/canvas gives the art a different look than reproducing an image on other archival art papers. Is that the main difference or is there other value to the giclee process and print?


    • Gosh Art by Gosha Gibek says:

      Hi Kevin,

      To answer your question: the giclee print is a limited edition print on paper or canvas using an inkjet printer. The print is of excellent quality and because there is a limit to the edition, decided by the author, and each of the prints is signed by the artist that’s what makes these prints valuable. Not everyone can print the print or even if they did, without the author signature the print is worth nothing.
      In case of this picture – the original (still available is worth much more – £180) whiles the giclee print, edition of 250 with the first 12 already sold, cost, depending on size, £30 +
      You can order it here:


    • Gosh Art by Gosha Gibek says:

      Hi Kevin,
      I don’t know if I have answered your question (from few months ago!…) about the print? The giclee print is a digital version of an artwork – which is scanned to the hightest resolution (300 dpi)
      Such image is then printed on a very good ink jet printer, the printer I use has 12 cartridges and the quality of the printis outstanding!
      I hope this has answered your question?
      Don’t hesitate to ask more 🙂


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