Marcus the World Marathon Majors Six Star Finisher

This is Marcus (@themarathonmarcus)
He was the focus of my latest sports portrait commission and he is also a World Marathon Majors Six-Star Finisher…

Marcus the World Marathon Majors Six-Star Finisher

Who is a World Marathon Majors Six-Star Finisher?

Those are runners who successfully complete all six of the marathon races: in Tokyo, Boston, London, Berlin, Chicago and New York City.

Wow! To run a marathon is a pretty amazing achievement. To run six of them – that’s a challenge only a few can undertake.

What does it take to become such a person? Do you need to be self-disciplined, determined, focused?

Marcus, who is the focus of my latest painting commission, talks a lot about achieving your goals and better yourself.

I’ve chosen a couple of his posts which have really inspired me:

Remember in chasing the goal KNOW that you’re good enough as you are now. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
External targets are outside your control, but the one thing you control is how you react to them. Whatever step you’re on, do your best at that moment.”

You can’t change people’s opinions. So instead just aim to prove people right, by being the best version of yourself.”

Being the best version of oneself… ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

When I started this commission, I committed to creating 5 different images, I wanted to do 6 for every marathon Marcus ran…

Marcus’s journey is really inspiring and keeps me thinking… I might not be the best version of myself… yet, but I am really working on it: to become the best version of Gosha I can be… But life throws at us many obstacles and temptations which we need to fight every day. Not everyone has enough willpower and energy to fight.

Chicago Marathon

This is the very first image of Marcus before adding colours. My technique involves using ordinary, household gloss paint, which I am dripping freely from a palette knife…

Sometimes the paint splashes accidentally, and not all the lines are perfect, however, that imperfection and accidents create a great sense of movement.

Running with Mo Farah

Marcus running with Mo Farah

This is Marcus running with Mo Farah! (and winning! ;D)

I have to admit, the dynamics between body movements of the runners are not equal in this artwork and it is something that annoys me…

This is the reason why I have never finished the picture. Maybe if I did add colours the runners would have come to life.


Tokyo Marathon

Marcus running Tokyo Marathon

Finally, Marcus ran Tokyo Marathon. With other participants behind, the picture becomes rather lively and has the potential to become interesting.

Final Piece – The Marathon Marcus

My challenge in portraying Marcus is to find a pose that will capture him as a winner.

Marcus is a man of many skills. He has the determination for success and the body and mental acuity to match it. The final artwork is the best because it features Marcus as a winner and it is simple but meaningful.

Even though there’s too much paint on the runner’s face, it could be easily fixed by overpainting with acrylic paints which I am using to finish the artwork.

Final drawing for Marathon Marcus before adding colour.
The final piece – Marcus, the marathon winner!

Would you like to be featured in a piece of art?

I may not be running a marathon but my goal is to create art for all of you amazing people. I am passionate about capturing your achievements in a piece of art and keep the world inspired.

I will create an original piece of art that is unique to your sport. I’ll capture the action you want, as well as the colours and scenery.

All I need is a reference photo of you and I’ll create a portrait of you that will help you take pride in your achievements and make you look great!

Have a look at many other portraits I’ve done for amazing, inspiring, sports people:

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Get in touch if you’d like me to create a portrait similar to the one I’ve done for Marcus. 

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