Cycling Love Story

And off they went on their bikes…

Having someone to understand your passion is nice, having someone to share the same passion with you – that must feel like being in heaven! A perfect match, the One, maybe even the One to spend the life time with… (ohh… please! Don’t spoil it anyone!)

So, there were two people, a girl and a boy… They went out on their bikes, separately as they didn’t know each other at that time…

They have been seeing each other passing by every day as they were choosing this route for their daily cycling workout:

From Clitheroe to Waddington, then over Waddy Fell, through Dunsop Bridge, then White Well, over Hall Hill and back to Clitheroe… Pretty though ride, good workout, 2 hours, two big hills to climb…

So they have seen each other passing by, every day. Sometimes they were heading in the same direction, (he overtaking her really, only because she allowed him though! :D) sometimes they came from the opposite directions, passing by, sending a fleeting smile, a wave of the hand…

One day, they finally met, they finally stopped and talked to each other… It was only because:
She got flat tyre… He stopped and helped, because he was a gentleman (like all the cyclists are!)

She tanked him, embarrassed, she knew how to change the tyre really, she just wanted him to stop, to talk, to meet…

Lovers in White Well, available at the Mancheck exhibition: The Inn At White Well Hall 29th June – 9th July
Platform Gallery Clitheroe: 10th July – 22nd July 2018

It worked! – From that moment onwards they have been cycling together side by side…

And every year, at the same time, they cycle to the very place she got her tyre flat… At the bridge in White Well…

The moral of this story is: WE GIRLS DON’T NEED TO KNOW HOW TO CHANGE THE TYRE, because the cyclists men are real gentlemen and would always help on the road.

Sometimes, you never know, it may lead to finding the One (if you’re a cyclist and find a cyclist then it surely would be just perfect match! :D)

The kissing cyclists – the original is still available from my Etsy shop.


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