Cycling Story Love Story – Love is a bike ride with you.

There were a boy and a girl
Both met at the dusk,
In secret,
Arriving on their bikes.

She was perfect for Him,
And so was He for Her.
Connected by their love for bikes.

He suddenly thought: ‘What if She is only passing by? – that scared him!
So, he leaned forward,
And kissed Her – just as the sun was setting down 💋
The brave cyclist Valentine!

Her name was: Bianchi ❤️

Cycling Love Story  – Connected By The Flat Tyre.

Having someone to understand your passion is often unique, having someone to share the same passion with you – that must feel like being connected by something extraordinary, something that only belongs to you exclusively!

There were two people: a girl, and a boy… They have been seeing each other passing by every day as they were choosing this route for their daily cycling workout. They smiled at each other just like passers-by do.

This became a habit and what connects people more than a shared passion, a common interest? When you find that person with who you can pursue your hobby, you grow on each other and most importantly, help each other grow. 

So He began to think about the anonymous lady before he set off for the journey and She would wonder if She would see Him today. They began to think about the anonymous cyclist on the same route. Slowly and steadily they became more comfortable with the temporary presence of the other cyclist and their anonymity slowly began to let loose – a connection between 2 people was sparked, they became somewhat important to each other.

Sometimes they were heading in the same direction, (he, overtaking her, but only because she allowed him!) Sometimes they came from the opposite directions, passing by, sending a fleeting smile, a wave of the hand…

Until one day, they finally met properly, they finally stopped and talked to each other… 


It wouldn’t have happened if it wasn’t for the flat tyre that caught Her in the middle of Her route.

She felt extremely lucky –  He was just passing by and saw Her distress. He stopped and helped because He was a gentleman (like all the cyclists are!).

She thanked him, flattered, She knew how to change the tyre really! …

Oh, but She was so happy to see Him!

He intrigued her long before and so She wanted to meet him and talk, get to know him and what He’s about… it was like wanting to read a book after looking at the captivating synopsis but being too timid to ask. And so chapter 1 began: The Flat Tyre.

Of course, He stopped and helped, He took the grand opportunity and felt like He triumphed – Finally! From that moment onwards they have been cycling together side by side… The time spent talking to His soulmate during their glorious summer escapades made Him feel so incredibly lucky. They had a unique type of mutual understanding, their shared interest built the foundations of their friendship and more so – left room for a romantic connection too!

And every time they’re passing the picturesque bridge, which facilitated their first conversation, they stop and kiss, for they are so happy… At the bridge in White Well… 

Their shared cycling trips are a pleasant pause from reality, where the mind and body can relish the beauty of the summer and the presence of a great companion.

The moral of this story is: we girls know how to change a tyre, but there is always a fellow cyclist who is willing to give a helping hand. 

Besides, who wouldn’t love a new friend, to start a new chapter? For every person is their own story…

Sometimes, you never know, it may lead to finding the One (if you’re a cyclist and find a cyclist then it simply would be a perfect match!)


Images from this story are available as Collector’s Edition Art Prints and featured on greeting cards.

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Love Is A Bike Ride With You
Cycling Valentine’s Wall Art Print
Together Always Even When Apart
Cycling Valentine’s Wall Art Print
Cycling Love Story
Cycling Valentine’s Wall Art Print
Together Is A Wonderful Place To Be
Cycling Valentine’s Card
Love Is A Bike Ride With You
Cycling Valentine’s Card
Together Always Even When Apart
Cycling Valentine’s Card


Hold my hand, and I’ll go anywhere with you!
Original Cycling Art

framed in a double frame: black outside and white inner frame.
size: 34/39 cm


The Gentleman Cyclist
Original Cycling Art

framed in a double frame: black outside and white inner frame.
size: 34/39 cm


Declare your love with an original picture, especially when words don’t come easy… This is a perfect solution to create romantic and unforgettable moments.

When you buy an original painting, it comes with an A5 card of ‘Love is a Bike Ride With You’ to complete your perfect gift.

© Gosha Gibek, 2022, all rights reserved

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