The Arcade in Accrington – Sketching With Ribble Urban Sketchers

Sketching with the Ribble Urban Sketchers

Sketchbook is a great tool for exploring different art styles and techniques and allows you to easily experiment with different media and styles.

I had the opportunity to join the Ribble Urban Sketchers for the first time. We met at the Arcade in Accrington and it was an amazing experience. Although I felt a bit rusty and self-conscious about sketching in public, I quickly caught the bug and couldn’t help but enjoy the experience.

Overall, it was a great experience to join the Ribble Urban Sketchers Group and create art together. The community was welcoming and supportive, and it was inspiring to see the variety of styles and techniques everyone brought to the table. I’m grateful for the opportunity to experiment with new media and techniques, and I’m looking forward to exploring more possibilities in the future and sketching with the group again.

My Blue Sketch

In my sketch, I used a blue watercolour pencil as a base.

After completing the base sketch, I decided to enhance it with a glossy finish. I’ve always been a fan of the contrast between matte and glossy surfaces, and I was excited to see how it would look on my sketch. I was thrilled with the final result, the glossy finish added a unique dynamic to the sketch and made it stand out. The glossy black paint contrasts with the more subdued blue pencil lines.

In the end, I used acrylic titanium white paint to correct any areas where I may have dripped too much gloss. This technique creates a strong and dark feature in a drawing, and the titanium white paint is very opaque, which helps to balance out the glossy black paint.

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