Heritage – Through The Eyes Of An Artist

Exhibition by Haworth Creatives at Haworth Art Gallery,
14 January – 19 February 2023

Welcome to our exhibition which explores the theme of “Heritage“,

As someone who moved to England nineteen years ago, I have become captivated by the country’s heritage and culture. This is reflected in my artwork where I capture the beauty of British architecture, culture, and nature. My art reflects my admiration and appreciation for all that England has to offer. From the iconic cities to the charming villages, rolling hills, dry-stone walls, green fields and rivers, the heritage of England has captivated me and become an essential part of my identity.

Through my artwork, you will journey through my experiences and perspectives as I have discovered and embraced the rich heritage of England. Now, as a proud citizen of this land, I am bringing to life a story of wonder and beauty from my unforgettable journey. These memories remind me why I chose to make this country my home and embrace its heritage.

Liverpool – the city of the Beatles

Liverpool, the city of The Beatles, the most iconic English music band in history is one of my favourite places to visit especially for its grandeur of The Liver Building standing on the waterfront of the Mersey River. There, one can see a statue of The Beatles, a testament to Liverpool’s musical heritage.

Fun Day In Blackpool

Walking along Blackpool Promenade and Pleasure Beach is so much fun. I love to hear the excited screams of riders on the renowned rollercoaster ‘The Big One’. It’s always so exhilarating!

Chester – Past
& Present

I am always fascinated by the historic houses of Chester and the ghost stories they can tell. This architecture from the past still stands among us in the present – the past and present truly coincide!

Chester – The Eastgate Clock

The Eastgate Clock, which I believe is a time machine, that watches over the endless flow of people through time. For centuries, it has kept them on time…

River Collection

The English Countryside

But nothing beats exploring the English countryside, with its rolling hills, green fields divided like a patchwork by drystone walls, beautiful riverside views, and charming villages with stone-built cottages and gardens full of flowers.

The Storm Is Coming

On A59 roundabout to Blackburn

The sky of Lancashire is a place where the clouds and elements of nature come together to create a mesmerizing symphony like no other. There is no shortage of cloud formations – from the cotton-like clouds to the long bars in all their glory, it’s truly a captivating sight.

The elusive beauty of the sky formations only grows more vivid on rainy days when these lightened clouds seem to fill an entire sky terrace, like an ocean wave seeking its lover on dry soil.

Orange Sky

Sometimes, after a warm day’s rain, the sky becomes heavy with an orange hue. Everything is bathed in orange as if spilt juice had stained the sky. This colour in the air affects my mood, as it feels fresh and reviving.

The Battle Of The Light

In the evening, when the sky is shading its colours, the light from a lamp competes with the last rays of the sun, which become orange and red with anger that they have to depart.

Pride and prejudice experience at Gawthorpe Hall, acrylic, oil, gloss paint
Would you like to purchase a print of this image? If so, please contact me to arrange this.

Inn at Whitewell – Royal English countryside, acrylic, oil, gloss paint
Original at the exhibition,
Would you like to purchase a print of this image? If so, please contact me to arrange this.

I am now a proud citizen of England and have come to appreciate its culture and traditions even more deeply. With every visit to a city or surrounding countryside, I discover something new about English heritage and its people that makes me want to stay here forever. My story is one of passion, admiration, and appreciation for this nation that has welcomed me with open arms despite my origins.


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