What a night!

“Sun set taking over King Street”, ink and enamel on canvas,
45/70 cm
Original: £350
High quality giclee print on art paper:
£45, unframed

King StreetIt kept me awake all night… the urge to paint was too strong. I had finished at 3.30 in the morning facing 2.5 hours of sleep!!

But I was happy as I did it and I am happy now, so excited about this new piece. Its intensive colours, its blinding light…

King Street Clitheroe – It was getting dark at the sun set, I rushed to get prescription from Peter Buckley pharmacy. But it must have been 7 o’clock and I realised that all the shops around were closed, empty, lights off, very still… even the the Platform Gallery in the front seemed quiet, lacking its life..
There may have been some life in the pub across the street, I could sense people, probably staying in the ‘Old Post Hotel’. Maxwells caffee would welcome its guests, unless it’s Monday, that day they are closed.

I was out with the dog, who would walk underfoot, stopping me all the time to sniff and wee on walls and fences. 😆
Seeing that light, this haze of yellow net, hooked me like seeing a miracle… I may sound weird but I’m drown to those moment and am looking for magic- and ‘Magic’- would be a word the most suitable to describe that moment, that scene I saw…

I overslept that morning after painting all night! I was late for work and my son late for school…

But I am still happy now, being able to look at what I have achieved  and I can’t believe what emerged from under my hand, those colours are making me feel sooo good!


I would like to share with you my latest work and show you stages of its making.

December 2014/ January 2015
Inspiration: Clitheroe, the Courtyard

InspirationThis town is still full of surprises to me as scenes appear in front of my eyes unexpectedly and I can swear I may have never seen them before – well, not in this light, not with this texture, not in those colours.

The urge to transfer the view on a canvas is following me all the time, impatiently emerging in my head where the painting process have already began. I need to be taking thousand of pictures!


Courtyard v 01: the drawing

It is the scariest thing – to face an empty, white canvas. Not for long … soon the coloured pencil scratches it bringing the outlines of shapes and marking the colours I am going to use .





Courtyard - the inks are being appliedCourtyard: the InksNext, come inks. I love using inks for its outstanding colour brilliancy. Something the acrylics would never give me.




Then, the enamel.. in variety of colours! The beauty of enamel is the line which allows to emphasise important places such as light streaks on the verge of a windowsill or the pattern of the bricks or slates in the shadows. And it changes the picture into something surreal, magical: exactly what I have imagined: the real and unreal, joined together in perfect union to bring joy, happy thoughts and excitement.


The Couryard, inks and enamel on canvas.
50cm / 70 cm.

Original is available to buy at the Cheesie Tchaikovsky in Clitheroe (previous Lee Carter House) at a price of £220.

High quality Giclee Print on art paper, 50cm/70cm only £35 !

( I recommend their salads and fresh, hand made bread!, yummy…)

Email me for more info.

Many thanks for looking.

Clitheroe street at night


Clitheroe street at night.
Clitheroe Street at Night, colour crayon on a heavy duty paper, size: 42 / 60 cm

It meant to be a painting, I picked up the crayons to sketch just basics. Those colour crayons gave me enormous joy and soon I was taken over by the medium, fascinated with lines, texture, colour and expression of every pencil stroke. I liked it at first, then I felt it lacked some substance.


Clitheroe street at night, pencil crayon and enamel on a heavy weight paper.
Clitheroe Street at Night, colour crayon and enamel on a heavy duty paper. Size: 42 / 60 cm Price for unframed picture £75

Clitheroe Street at Night,

colour crayon and enamel on a heavy duty paper.

Size: 42 / 60 cm

Price for unframed picture £75


So I took an enamel paint, and with the help of a craft knife I have added blue, white and black liquid strokes, and with those strokes I have released the power and depth of a night, contrasted against blinding headlights of a car passing by, so dazzling that everything seems to be swallowed by those lights as they penetrate the darkness…