Marcus the World Marathon Majors Six Star Finisher

This is Marcus (@themarathonmarcus)He was the focus of my latest sports portrait commission and he is also a World Marathon Majors Six-Star Finisher… Who is a World Marathon Majors Six-Star Finisher? Those are runners who successfully complete all six of the marathon races: in Tokyo, Boston, London, Berlin, Chicago and New York City. Wow! To run a marathon isContinue reading “Marcus the World Marathon Majors Six Star Finisher”


FOCUS ON WHAT YOU HAVE, AND YOU’LL GET EVEN MORE. I strongly believe in the law of attraction and the power of our minds. Our inner monologues and inner beliefs shape our reality more than we think. Words do indeed change the world. These cards were created inspired by my own experiences: Joining the cyclingContinue reading “A6 CYCLING CARDS WITH A MESSAGE”

Clitheroe – oil painting of the town

This is my new picture which I am currently working on. I managed to record its beginnings. In this short video see how my town is emerging from nothingness of the canvas. Through lines and shapes, strokes of a brush, splashes of ink; I am forming, creating and bringing to life a town, my town, formed fromContinue reading “Clitheroe – oil painting of the town”

What do we like about landscape painting?

Living in a beautiful countryside is a source of inspiration to many artist and many indeed find joy and passion in recreating the scenery on their canvas. There is so much enjoyment out there, in constantly changing light affecting the clouds and the sky, the texture of grass, the pattern of fields which spread beforeContinue reading “What do we like about landscape painting?”

Finding happiness through art.

ArthurSchopenhauer, 19th Century German philosopher, held that human wild and powerful drive to survive and reproduce is essentially what causes suffering and pain in the world, and that the only way to escape the suffering was through art. People should either create or contemplate art. Art is truly a therapy. It is about the idea of self-exploration that can often lead aContinue reading “Finding happiness through art.”