Commission Me An Unique Piece of Art

I love painting customised art because I know that I am creating something personal and important for you.

What makes me happiest is when I get to see the finished painting and the emotions it evokes:

  • The pride of your greatest achievement in sports
  • Or the sentiment about a place significant to you, the memory seized in colours…

Sports Portraitthis is the perfect present for any sports fan on your list!

I am passionate about capturing your sports achievements in a piece of art.

I create an original work of art that is unique to your sport, capturing the action, the scenery and the colours relevant to you.

I’ll create a portrait of you that will help you take pride in your achievements and make you look great!

Landscape and Urban Landscape Painting Commission

Would you like to keep vivid memories of the great places you lived or visited?

I don’t just paint or draw like most artists! My signature technique uses gloss paint dripped from a craft knife. The paint’s thick and oily texture is fluid on the paper, capturing the essence of sport:

Motion. Adventure. Life.


Imagine yourself winning a cycling race, a marathon, or climbing Kilimanjaro. By imagining a scene, complete with images of a future desired outcome, the athlete simply ‘steps into’ that feeling.

This is the power of visualization. Visualization is thought in pictures. I will help you visualize by creating a custom sports portrait. On this portrait, you will be performing any action you want, wearing your team’s colours, and placed in the desired setting.

If you know an athlete, then this is the perfect gift. Giving a gift that the person will love and cherish isn’t easy but when you give them a personalized piece of art they’ll feel so loved. You can put their name on it to make it even more special.

See what the real athlete in you looks like with my one-of-the-kind designs!



My custom, original sports paintings capture:
– any sports activity,
– the colours of your team/club – so you know where you belong,
– and anywhere you want – you can have any landmark in the background to show off your most memorable adventures and achievements.


Please send me any photos you have, one is all I need. Even if you don’t have a photo, the description works fine (eg: the name of the team you belong to – so I know their colours and logos)

What kind of sports activities would you like the athlete to do?

The place you have in mind etc.

Next, I will do my research and make the first mock-up project in Photoshop and send you the file for approval. If you like it, I can start creating my magic in art.

Please order at least two weeks before your desired date. I am based in the UK so please note that shipping to other countries may take some time.

You can have two types of surfaces on which the painting is created: on an acrylic canvas pad or a stretched canvas.
You have a variety of sizes to choose from – see the options.

This is what my customers said:

‘I got in contact with Gosha looking for a present for my friend, a keen cyclist, but I didn’t have a photo to work from. Gosha sent images for me to choose from, did rough sketches and kept me updated with photos as work progressed. The whole process went very smoothly and my painting arrived in perfect condition and beautifully framed. My friend was absolutely delighted. Gosha has a lovely bright personality and is delightful to work with.’
Marie Hill Browne


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