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Gosha’s signature style produces vibrant colours and people in motion in authentic sports artwork or a memorable landscape.

Gosh Art by Gosha Gibek

Welcome to my world!

I am Gosha, an award-winning artist, I live in the North West England, in the Ribble Valley, a beautiful part of Lancashire which inspires me to paint vibrant and inspirational art.

My journey as an artist, so far

I am extraordinarily blessed to do what I love for a living. Born and raised in Poland, from an early age I always knew I wanted to become a famous artist and decided to pursue my dream by studying Art at the Academy of Fine Arts in Wroclaw, Poland.

After completing my studies, my passion took me to Spain. This was an unforgettable experience, one where I was able to make a living whilst also learning and constantly evolving as an Artist.

I spent three years in Spain painting henna tattoos and drawing portraits from polaroid photos for tourists who were staying in nearby hotels. I enjoyed every moment of Spanish life, even met my Partner there and gave birth to my son.

I was also able to travel to parts of Spain I never thought I would see such as for example the original house of Salvador Dali!

I moved to the UK 17 years ago with my son being only just 1 and have spent all this time building a successful career as an artist, capturing people’s favourite places, memories and achievements in living colour. 

I settled in this cute little town, Clitheroe, in the heart of Ribble Valley, surrounded by Pendle Hill and Clitheroe Castle Keep – a characteristic landmark towering above the town.

Pendle Hill Symphony Of Sunshine

Synaesthesia—a gift that translates into my paintings

I have always been blessed with Synaesthesia, a rare phenomenon in which the brain links a person’s senses together.  People with Synaesthesia, for example, might see a certain colour in response to a certain letter of the alphabet. Those who experience Synaesthesia “hear colours, feel sounds, and taste shapes”.

For me, I mainly see words in colour – every letter has its own unique hue and words are a combination of these colours. The first letter gives the rest of the word a colour scheme. ‘A’ is always bright orangey-red, ‘E’ is blue and translucent, just like the sky on a sunny Day.  ‘O’ shines bright like a light bulb.

I see colours everywhere, my mind is constantly looking for them, even in the dullest place and Lancashire may look dull and grim for many.  To me, a grey roof will look ‘Cyan Blue’ after it has rained.

(read my synaesthesia story – here will be link to my blog about it)

This gift means I can perfectly capture people in motion or a vibrancy of objects and texture.  My aim is to create inspirational art and to pass on the positive energy I draw from vibrant colours, helping to give people a ‘Feel Good’ vibe of happiness and joy.

The Royal Mile in Edinburgh

Capturing people in motion – a beautiful signature style

I create sport and landscape art.  My work often captures cyclists, runners, rock climbers and rugby players in motion. Using a household non-drip gloss paint, dripped from a pallet knife onto a surface, allows me to create people in motion or a memorable landscape, a simplistic beauty that has become my trademark.

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While my journey has been varied and exciting, one thing never changes, whatever I create, I always include lots of warmth and colour. Above all, I want my work to make people smile.

Text Box: My greeting cards include a motivational message, great to give to any athlete!
Winner Never Quits, Quitter Never Wins

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Commissions – capturing your passion for sports

Be it a custom painting, a portrait of a cyclist, or a landscape centrepiece for your home, commissioning artwork allows sports enthusiasts to choose the subject matter, colours and dimensions of a piece.  This has proved a popular choice, with many people commissioning a piece for a birthday or anniversary present.  

View the collection (link here to commission Pages)

I hope you have found my short story interesting and enjoy browsing my artwork at www.goshart.co.uk

Upcoming events at Gosh ART

September/October 2021

‘Leaving a Legacy’ – exhibition at Trinity, Clitheroe

Browse my extensive portfolio of sports themed art-work, limited-edition collector prints, greeting cards and commissions at www.goshart.co.uk

My achievements



I am proud to announce that my painting ‘Town: Clitheroe’ was the Ribble Valley Open Exhibition Prize Winner 2015!

From a blank canvas to the painting – watch how my painting ‘Town v Country’ comes to life.

YT link here:

(alt=”Gosha Gibek, Ribble Valley Prize Winner 2015″)


It is a great achievement to take 3rd Prize in <a href=http://www.createlongridge.co.uk target=”blank”>Create Longridge 2016 Competition.</a>

On the 3rd of September 2016 over 70 artists gathered in one place to paint on the streets and fields around Longridge. The rain poured down all day but the spirit was great. Just like on my painting: ‘It is always sunny in… my world (or in Longridge!

Create Longridge was featured on BBC1 and you can watch the footage below.

 (title=”Gosha Gibek – Create Longridge – 3rd Prize”)

<a href=www.createlongridge.org.uk>CREATE LONGRIDGE 2016 – 3rd Prize</a>

Painting Padiham 2019 – Second Prize

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Platform Gallery Solo Exhibition


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Artist of the month, Lancashire Life Magazine, November 2016

<a href=http://www.lancashirelife.co.uk/out-about/artist-profile-gosha-gibek-1-4762067 target=”_blank”> </a>


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<a href=http://www.lancashirelife.co.uk/out-about/artist-profile-gosha-gibek-1-4762067 target=”_blank”> </a>

Lancashire Telegraph, 2013

LANCASHIRE Telegraph.jpg

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2015 Platform Gallery, Clitheroe, Uk

2014 Latitude Gallery, Clitheroe, UK

2014 Oxheys Mill Studios, Preston, UK

2013 RVAS Open Exhibition, Ribble Valley Artists Studios, Clitheroe, UK

2013 Annual Open, Haworth Gallery, Accrington, UK

2012 Simply A Woman, Ace Centre, Nelson, UK

2011 400th of Pendle Witches, Steward Art Gallery, Clitheroe, UK

2010 Annual Open, Haworth Gallery, Accrington, UK

2009 Artist Of Higherford Mill, Pendle Heritage Centre, Barrowford, UK</li>

2006 Solo Exhibition, Bashall Barn, Clitheroe, UK

2005 Diploma, Cepelia Gallery, Wroclaw, Poland


2007-2009, Artist in Residence, Leigh 6th Form College, Leigh, UK

2005-2006, Artist Printmaker, Clitheroe Museum, UK

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