Meet the artist Gosha Gibek

Hi, I’m Gosha, an avid cyclist and a professional artist.

I specialise in non-drip gloss painting for landscape and urbanscape paintings of picturesque North West of England and well as sports-inspired pieces.

My artwork is transformed into prints and cards which depict the sport you love and the things you are passionate about.

I see in colours and have always been blessed with a particular trait: Synesthesia.
Synesthesia is a condition that happens when sense, such as sight, triggers another sense, like a smell, at the same time. My senses blend one with another: I hear music when looking at colours, smell when listening to music and most oddly: I see words in colours.
I can perfectly capture people in motion or vibrancy of objects and texture.


Original Work 


Clitheroe – my new home

I’ve been living in Clitheroe, North West of England for the past 15 years and the town has become my new home. Placed at the heart of the picturesque Ribble Valley, surrounded by cute villages, fields and river. With the Clitheroe Castle Keep, characteristic landmark towering above its centre. That’s where you’ll find my gallery dedicated to this place.