The Fire Queen

While searching on-line for my name, I have encountered this blog which uses my illustration I have created for the series of work called ‘Simply a woman’. The idea for this work was to use only white, black and red colours and the organic lines.

The blog is written in Spanish but I have made a rough translation. It actually uses a poem by Norge Espinosa Mendoza called: ‘Vestido de novia’ – ‘the wedding dress’.

With what eyes
will this blue-handed boy look at himself.
With what umbrella will he dare cross the downpour
and the ship’s path towards the moon. How will he do it
How will he do it, dressed as a bride
if empty of breasts is his heart if his nails are not painted
if he has only a fan of dragonflies.

I have searched more about the poem, it talks about transsexualism…but I DO NOT RELATE TO THAT!
However, like all Latin American literature I am quite intrigued by its quirkiness… After all I am proud that my work is being used internationally. wedding dress red

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Filling the world with colours, capture your passions and the athletic version of you.

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